How to Setting Your Vehicle on BlueDriver

BlueDriver is a diagnostic scan tool for vehicle. In most cases, BlueDriver will automatically detect what type of vehicle you’re connecting to. However, some vehicles(especially older models),do not allow automatic vehicle detection. In this instruction, we’ll show you how to set your vehicle manually. If your vehicle was automatically detected, you can skip past this tutorial.

More software information, please refer to AUTO ECU SOFTWARE.



Connect BlueDriver to the vehicle.

If you did not receive this prompt, you vehicle was detected automatically, and you can skip this tutorial.

If received, click “yes”


Input your vehicle identification or VIN on vehicle information screen


If you cannot find vehicle information screen, click “Scan Tool”–>”Vehicle Info”


VIN is a unique number found on every vehicle. If you don’t know your vehicle’s VIN, you can dind it on the dash by looking through the windshield, or on the frame of the driver’s side door.

When you are ready to input your VIN, you have three options for doing so.

One: tap enter VIN near the top of the app, and type the VIN in manually.


Two:tap the VIN barcode button to take a picture of the barcode to enter the VIN automatically.


Three: if you’ve scanned the vehicle before, you can access the VIN by tapping the VIN history button.


Additionally you can enter your VIN via the Read Codes screen.


Here is offer three same input methods as on the vehicle information screen.

Finally, when reconnecting to a vehicle that doesn’t support automatic detection, you will be prompted to confirm the details you previously entered. You can choose the same vehicle, or enter new details.



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