How to Reset JCB Articulated Dump Trucks EMS Hours to 0

This instruction show you guide on how to reset JCB articulated dump trucks working hours to 0 by JCB ServiceMaster 4 diagnostic software.


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Connect your JCB diagnostic to dump trucks then run JCB Servicemaster and select “Dump Trucks”.After then select “Reset EMS Hours to 0”


Read the information message


Select “Unlock Fields” from the “Utilities” menu




Contact JCB earthmovers for an unlock code and enter it


Click on the “Click to reset hours button”


Run the machine for 90 seconds and the hours will roll over to 0

Use the “Machine Hours Reset” tool in JCB Servicemaster to set the hours to the correct value

More repair case for JCB,please refer to:JCB Trouble Repair

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