How to Replace Water Pump for Toyota Camry

Water pump control the coolant flow through your Toyota Camry engine and radiator.Water pump make coolant flow circulate inside engine and keep engine work on normal temperatures.


It is a important part of engine,sometime you hear a lot of noise at all RPM’s from engine,and the coolant reservoir was dropping,it mean there was a mild leak.So you need to replace a new water pump for your Toyota Camry.


How much it cost you to replace water pump?

Here collect some Toyota Camry water pump replacement price from Toyota Camry customers

Surfslinger: My first dealer quote was just shy of $500, which seemed a bit high to me.

Punks_Not_Dead5: i paid just over 700 for the water pump and timing belt (i have a V6)..when i go out to my car i’ll look to see how much the water pump cost, and give a rough estimate on the labour.

CharmCityES: labor time for customer pay water pump is 1.4 hours… part should be like $150.00…plus the cost of the coolant it all depends on what the dealer’s hourly rate is etc….somwhere in the $400 range seems about right, but $500 seems excessive…id look into where and what theyre charging you for before you get it done.

A water pump replacement starts at around $300 and can increase to $800+


How to Replace Water Pump?

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