Honda Odyssey water bump Problem:Overheating and acceleration slowly

Car model: 2008 Honda Odyssey 2.4L

Engine type: K24A6

Mileage: 98,000 km

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Syndrome: The car engine was overheating and then it became no power when accelerating.

Honda Odyssey water bump ProblemOverheating and acceleration slowly

Honda Odyssey  Trouble Diagnostics:

  1. I first inspected whether there was pipeline leak in cooling system. There was no leak and the coolant temperature was within normal range.
  2. I connected Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool to the vehicle, in a bid to pull trouble codes from its engine, but no trouble code was detected.
  3. When the engine went overheating, the cooling fan was not running at high speed, which indicated that something was wrong with the cooling fan control system or the cooling system.
  4. Again I applied the Honda diagnostictool to the car, but tried to read temperature from two engine coolant temperature sensors. The temperature of the first sensor was 96.55 Celsius, while the second one was 85 Celsius. The relative wide temperature difference between the two sensors meant problem in the cooling system.
  5. I unscrewed the assembling bolt on water pump belt wheel and removed the belt wheel. When I rotate the water pump in anticlockwise direction, resistance was felt while rotating. This indicated to internal fault in the water pump.
  6. I removed the water pump when the coolant was discharged completely, and found the interior of the pump was corroded.
  7. I replaced the water pump as well as the thermostat and then add exclusive antifreeze to the pump.
  8. After the jobs were done, I restarted the car engine, and tested the temperatures of the two coolant temperature sensors a while later. The temperature of the second sensor was only 2 Celsius less than the first one, indicating to a normal refrigerant circuit.
  9. When the temperature reached 105 Celsius, the cooling fan would run at fast speed – the overheating problem was solved.
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