How To Replace Engine Oil And Oil Filter For BMW X5

Here comes a artilce about How to replace engine oil and oil filter for BMW X5 E70 4.8I V8 made 2009.Hope this article is helpful to you.


Note:Not responsible for any bodily harm and or damage to property,self and or others.Use this article at your own risk.This is the method I used and there may be better options to complete same task.

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What you need:

1. Drain pan

2. Auto jack

3. Allen wrench:8mm,6mm

4. Socket:24mm

5. Oil filter(The part number is HU 823 X I used)

6. Brakleen brake parts cleaner(CRC)

7. Castrol 03084 EDGE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart(amazon)

8. Llittle blue funnel



You will need to pop the hood and squeeze the lever under the hood towards you to open hood while lifting.

Remove the oil cap on top of the left valve cover.This will allow the oil to drain out faster from the botton by venting the engine more.

You may have seen this drain pan at Walmart or other retail outlets.I cut the top out of mine to reduce splash from heavy flow of oil.Work so much better

You will need to jack up the SAV/SUV from the side in order to place a jack stand under the vehicle for safty.You will see the jacking point around this area.

The plastic guard will need to removed from the under carriage before you will be able to access the oil filter area and drain plugs.

This would be the primary drain plug.It is a 8mm hex.

Here are both of the areas that you will be draining oil from.

This plug happened to be stripped out from previous owner so,I will be installing a new one at next oil change.It does not look like they changed the oil ring in the past,as it is leaking oil.

Break this drain plug loose in a counter clockwise direction.It is a 6mm hex head

Break the primary drain plug loose.It is a 8mm hex head.

Remove the primary drain and watchthe oil rapidly come out.This oil was moderately warm when I changed it.Remove the jack stand and lower the SAV/SUV to a level position.

I let it drain until it was barely dripping.I have been known to let the oil drain overnight because I feel you can get more out as it settles to the pan.

Remove the oil filter cover in a counter clockwise direction.I used a 24mm socket.

Pull the oil filter cover straight down and the oil filter should come down with it because they snap together inside the cover.

These are all the parts that came with the filter.The O-ring for the cover of filter(white),the O-ring for filter drain plug (black,mine was stripped) and crush washer for large drain plug.

The oil filter cover drain plug is stripped on mine so,I had to used an extractor to remove it.The extractor goes in counter clockwise to grab the inside of the stripped hole.

Remove the old oil filter cover O-ring.

Put some fresh oil on the new oil filter cover O-ring and place it in the correct position,in the same position as the old one you just removed.

I was able to get the oil filter cover drain plug out.I changed the O-ring with the new(black) one.

Put the drain plug back in and torque it to 10Nm.

Place the new crush washer on the primary oil drain plug.

Re-install the primary drain plug with the new crush washer.

Torque the primary drain plug to the proper torque.You will have to look it up.

Side the new filter into position after all of the area is clean.The cover will to snap noto the progs shown here.You should do this before installing.

Re-install the oil fiter cover and tightenby hand as much as you can.Be careful not to cross thread.

Torque the oil filter cover to 25Nm in a clockwise direction.

Use “Brakleen” brake parts cleaner by CRC to clean any of the oil from the area.

This is after using the spray cleaner,Cleans up pretty well!

Remove the oil drain pan and any other items out from under the vehicle.Lower the SAV/SUV down so that is is level.

Looks pretty dirty to me.Now I have the piece of mind knowing it will have new oil and a cleaner engine.

This is the oil weight (0W-40) and brand (Castrol Edge) I used. There are other options but,this is what I used.(But it from Amazon)

This little blue funnel(amazon),help keep the spillage down.It is a hard angle to try to pour the oil in without it.

Pour all 5 quarts in slowly.

You will need about 3.75 more quarts of oil for about 8.75 quarts total.

Start the engine and wait a few minutes for the oil to circulate through system.Turn off the engine a wait a few minutes or longer to check the oil level.Add more if needed.

Looks like it is full.Do not overfill the engine oil.Place dipstick back in tube,make sure oil fillter capis on correctly,clear anything that might be in the way and close the hood.Keep records of your work!

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