How to Repair JCB Equipment K0124 Boost Pressure High Trouble

This instruction show you guide on how to repair JCB equipment K0124 boot pressure high trouble.The measured boost pressure rises above the maximum limit during operation.More repair case for JCB,please refer to:JCB Trouble Repair

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Possible causes are:

Too high fuel injection quantity (mg/str) for the engine type (tuning chip).

Incorrect nozzles for the engine type.

An incorrect turbo charger for the engine type.

The turbo waste gate is stuck to close.


Reaction in EEM

The FC is stored and the warning lamp is activated. Engine power will be reduced (Degradation Level 2). The CAN message indicates active fault. No recovery before system reset.



Find the cause for the high boost pressure indication:

Check that the control system is configured according to the original specification, and that no additional devices have been attached.

Check that the nozzles and the turbocharger meet the original specifications.

Check that the turbo waste gate can be moved by hand when the waste gate actuator has no power.

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