How to Remove & Install Fork Carriage for Still RX20 Forklift

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install fork carriage for Still RX20 forklift truck.More topics about Still trucks,please refer to:Still Forklift Repair


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STILL STEDS Forklift 8.19 8.18 2019 EPC & Diagnostics Free Download




– Park the truck securely.

– Apply the parking brake.

– Move the lift mast to its vertical position.

– Remove the fork arms.

– If necessary, release the pressure from the hydraulics. See the chapter entitled “Releasing the pressure from the hydraulics”.

– If necessary, remove the attachment.

– If necessary, unscrew the hydraulic hoses and support from the fork carriage.

– Tilt the lift mast forwards.

– NiHo and triplex lift masts: Raise the fork carriage until the load chain anchor is easily accessible. Unscrew the locking device for the load chain on the fork carriage.


–Telescopic lift mast: Raise the lift mast until the load chain anchors are easily accessible.

Unscrew both locking devices for the load chain.

–Move the lift mast to its vertical position.


– Lower the fork carriage and rest it on a europallet.



The fork carriage may tip forwards!

Check that the fork carriage is resting securely on the europallet.

– Remove the load chains from the guides.

– Slowly raise the inner mast until the support rollers of the fork carriage are no longer guided into the inner mast.



During start-up, ensure that the load chains and hydraulic hoses are not trapped.

– Position the fork carriage on the europallet.



– Position the europallet holding the fork carriage in front of the lift mast.

– Raise the inner mast until the fork carriage fits underneath the inner mast profile.


– Put the fork carriage in an upright position and position it under the inner mast.

– Slowly lower the inner mast until the upper support rollers of the fork carriage are once again engaged in the guides.

–Slowly lower the inner mast completely. When doing this, note the position of the hydraulic hoses and the middle load chain.

–Insert the load chain into the guide on the fork carriage.

–If necessary, raise the fork carriage using the hydraulic jack until the load chain fits into the guide.

–Raise the fork carriage to a comfortable working height.

– Screw in the load chain locking device on the fork carriage.




The locking devices for the load chain may vary depending on the type of lift mast.

– Screw the hose line for the attachments to the support on the fork carriage.

– Adjust the play of the support rollers; see the chapter entitled “Support roller play”.

– Fit the fork arms.

– Depending on the equipment installed, fit the attachment and auxiliary hydraulics hoses.

– Perform function checking

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