How to Remove & Install Outer Cylinders for Still Forklift Truck RX20

This is a instruction guide on how to remove and install outer cylinders for Still forklift truck RX20.More topics about Still trucks,please refer to:Still Forklift Repair


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STILL STEDS Forklift 8.19 8.18 2019 EPC & Diagnostics Free Download


– Park the truck securely.
– Apply the parking brake.

Remove the fork carriage; see the chapter entitled “Fork carriage”.
– Move the lift mast to its vertical position



– Unscrew the hose support for the hydraulic manifold from the crossmember.

If necessary, unscrew all hose clips from the outer cylinders. For all further work, the hoses must be protected against damage.
– Remove the locking rings from both sides of the lift cylinders.


– Lift the inner mast until the locking screws are exposed on the bottom of the outer cylinders and the tensioning pieces are exposed on the top of the outer cylinders. Rest the inner mast
on supporting blocks.

– Unscrew the locking screw on both sides of the cylinder bottom.
– Retract the outer cylinders completely.


When replacing the support rollers, the outer cylinders can remain in the lift mast.
– Remove the tensioning pieces on both sides.
– Pull the outer cylinders down and out of the bearings. Tilt them inwards. Secure them against slipping using long cable ties.
If the outer cylinders are to be completely removed, at this point, the hydraulic lines must be unscrewed.

– Place a collection vessel for hydraulic oil under the outer cylinder.
– Unscrew the hydraulic lines from the outer cylinders. Protect the open connections against contamination.
– Remove the tensioning pieces on both sides.
– Lift the outer cylinder out of the lift mast.



– Lift the outer cylinders into the bearings from below.

The position can be determined by the design of the cylinder. The hydraulic connections point inwards.
– Position the outer cylinders on both sides.
Tighten using the tensioning piece.


Screw in the locking screws on both sides of the cylinder bottoms.
– Screw the hydraulic lines to the outer cylinders.

– Lower the inner mast. When doing this, guide the outer cylinders into the crossmember of the inner mast. Mount the locking rings on both sides of the outer cylinder.


– Screw the hose support for the hydraulic manifold onto the crossmember.

If necessary, position all hoses on the outer cylinders. Fix them in place using the hose clips.
– Bleed the outer cylinders. See the chapter entitled “Bleeding the hydraulic cylinders”.
– Check the hydraulics for leak tightness.
– Check the seating and position of the load chains and hose guides.
– Perform function checking

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