How to Remove Injection Timing for Kubota U48-4 Excavator

This is a instruction guide on how to remove injection timing for Kubota U48-4 U55-4 excavator.


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1.Make sure of matching the injection timing align mark (1) of the injection pump unit and the flywheel housing, as shown in the illustration.

2.Remove the injection pipes.

3.Remove the stop solenoid.

4.Set the fuel control rack fixing tool (3) to fix injection pump control rack as shown in the illustration.

5.Turn the flywheel counterclockwise (viewed from flywheel side) until the fuel fills up to the hole of the delivery valve holder (4) for No.1 cylinder.


6.After the fuel fills up to the hole of the delivery valve holder (4) for No.1 cylinder, turn back (clockwise) the flywheel around 1.6 rad (90 °).

7.Turn the flywheel counterclockwise to set at around 0.17 rad (10 °) before T.D.C..

8.Slowly turn the flywheel counterclockwise and stop turning when the fuel begins to come up, to get the present injection timing.


9.Check to see the degree on flywheel.

The flywheel has mark “1TC” for the crank angle before the top dead center of No.1 piston.

10.If the injection timing is not within the specification, rotate the injection pump unit to adjust the injection timing.


When installing the injection pump unit to the engine body, follow the correct procedure.




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