How to Remove BMW CAS MC9S12 1 Series 2004-2012

In this instruction show you guide on how to remove CAS MC9S12 module for BMW 2 Series 2004-2012.This is one of instruction of DashBook Pro v7.9+SRSBook 1.4 2018 Removal Book 100% Work Solution




Remove the CAS

Disconnect protective edging (1) in the region of the left pad (2), the dashboard in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Unclip the left cover (2) instrument panel at the points(3) and remove it.


Release the left ventilation gritle(1) of the clips at (2).

Unlock the clips(3)

Remove the left ventilation grille (1) in the direction indicated by the arrow.


Release screws(1) and(2).

Remove the expanding rivet(3).

Pull the trim(4) ago.

Disconnect the appropriate connectors and remove the trim(4).



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