How to Remove and Install Battery for Jungheinrich EJD 220 Forklift

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install battery for Jungheinrich EJD 220 forklift truck.



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Accident risk during battery removal and installation

Due to the battery weight and acid there is a risk of trapping or scalding when the battery is removed and installed.

Note the “Safety regulations for handling acid batteries” section in this chapter.

Wear safety shoes when removing and installing the battery.

Use only batteries with insulated cells and terminal connectors.

Park the truck on a level surface to prevent the battery from sliding out.

Make sure the crane slings have sufficient capacity to replace the battery.

Use only approved battery replacement devices (battery roller stand, replacement trolley etc.).

Make sure the battery is securely located in the truck’s battery compartment.



Trapping hazard

There is a risk of trapping when you close the battery cover.

Make sure there is nothing between the battery cover and the truck when you close the battery cover.



Lateral battery removal


Trapping hazard

Trapping hazard when removing and installing the battery.

When removing and installing the battery do not put your hands between the battery and the chassis.


Removing the battery


– Truck parked securely, see “Parking the truck securely” on page 63

– The battery is exposed



  • Disconnect the battery connectorfrom the truck connector.
  • Lift up the battery lock (53) as far asthe stop.
  • Pull the battery retaining lever /ejector (54) up and move the batteryto the side.
  • Pull the battery out from the side.

The battery has now been removed.



Battery installation


Make sure the battery is installed and connected correctly.

Place the battery cable on the tray so that it cannot be severed when the battery is inserted.



  • Insert the battery in the truck.
  • Push the battery as far as the stop in the battery compartment.
  • Raise the battery retaining lever (54) and pull the battery fully into the batterycompartment.
  • Turn the battery lock (53) down as far as the stop.



Unsecured battery

Unsecured batteries can slide out of the battery tray.

After installing the battery make sure the battery lock (53) is in place to prevent it from sliding out.

Z After installing the battery again, check all cables and plug connections for visible signs of damage.


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