How to Program Parameter for Perkins 2806C-E16 ECM

In this instruction,it show you guide on simple parameters programming by Perkins EST diagnostic software for Perkins 2806C-E16 engine ECM.



Perkins EST 2024A & 2023A & 2019A Software Free Download

How to Install & Activate Perkins EST Diagnostic Software



Note:It is test by demo mode

Select “Governor Maximum Stability Factor #1” and click “Change” button to input new value

How-to-Program-Parameter-for-Perkins-2806C-E16-ECM-1 How-to-Program-Parameter-for-Perkins-2806C-E16-ECM-2 How-to-Program-Parameter-for-Perkins-2806C-E16-ECM-3



Select “Engine Acceleration Rate”,click “Change” button

How-to-Program-Parameter-for-Perkins-2806C-E16-ECM-4 How-to-Program-Parameter-for-Perkins-2806C-E16-ECM-5 How-to-Program-Parameter-for-Perkins-2806C-E16-ECM-6

Just like the procedure show as above to perform.

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