How to Perform EOL Test for Deutz Tier4F Engine

Deutz engine  EOL test (end of line) is required to ensure the EAT functionality. Conditions for the start of the

How to Perform EOL Test for Deutz Tier4F Engine (1)
Engine coolant temperature > 70 °C
Exhaust gas temperature after DOC (before SCR if CSF System) < 300°C
DEF tank filled to minimum level (>15%)The stationary condition must be met.
After the requirement of the test it must be confirmed with the release button (HW / CAN) on the instrument side.


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Test Procedure:
• Testing of system components (sensors, actuators, wiring, ECU)
There must be no active faults of the EAT system present
• Leak check, visual inspection
In normal operation, a pressure of 9 bar in the pressure line is built up in the dosing.
In this case should be no leakage at the lines and their connections.

Functional verification
• During the EOL tests, the machine must be parked and it must be ensured that no additional functions can be activated to disrupt the process.
• During the regeneration the plausibility of the measured values of the individual sensors is checked.
• The temperature sensors before and after DOC are checked for the correct driving position (interchangeability).

Deutz Communicator
• The functionality of the SCR system is on the evaluation of the NOx conversion rate. The NOx values are compared before and after the SCR catalyst. When setting a difference between the values after the DEF dosing, the functionality is confirmed.
• The total EOL test is deemed passed when the temperature sensors before / after DOC are installed correctly, a NOx conversion rate reaches> 50% and no error is set during regeneration.

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