How to Install Seatbelt Buckle Bracket for Nissan Sentra 2013

This instruction show you a step-by-step guide on how to install seatbelt buckle bracket for Nissan Sentra 2013. And for more Nissan repair,please check:Nissan Trouble Repair.



1.Tilt both the driver’s and passenger seats all the way forward, and then move both seats as far forward as possible.



2.Unbolt the passenger seat from the floorboard.

Remove the rear bolts first and then the front.

Four T50 Torx bolts; two front and two rear.

Rear bolts shown in Figure 2. Front bolts not shown.



3.Tilt the passenger seat rearward so that the harnesses underneath can be accessed.

4.Unclip the harness from the seat bottom at the two locations shown in Figure 3.

IMPORTANT: Do not disconnect any ofthe harness connectors under the seat.


5.Return the seat to an upright position (seat rails flat on floor).

6.Gently slide the seat all the way to the rear so that the seatbelt buckle bolt can be reached.

7.Remove the seatbelt buckle bolt.



8.Remove the seat cushion outer finisher (LH) with an appropriate tool.



9.Remove the seatback bolt shown as below

NOTE: This bolt will not be reused.



10.Remove the seatbelt buckle bolt retaining clip and bolt spacer from the seatbelt buckle.

Discard the bolt retaining clip and bolt spacer.



11.Install the seatbelt buckle bracket onto the backside of the seatbelt buckle as shown in Figure 8.

Confirm that wave washer is between seatbelt buckle and bolt where shown as below


Position bracket notch as shown


12.Attach the seatbelt buckle to the seat, but do not tighten.

IMPORTANT: Start the seat belt buckle bolt by hand.

13.Place the spacer between the seatbelt bracket and the seatback and then install the new seatback bolt.

IMPORTANT: Start the seatback bolt by hand.

14.Torque the seatback bolt; seat belt buckle bolt will be tightened later in the procedure.

Seat back bolt torque: 46.5 N•m (4.74 Kg-m, 34 ft-lb.)


15.Slide the seat cushion outer finisher (LH) past the loose seatbelt buckle and then snap it into place.

NOTE:Align and attach the forward metal clip of the seat cushion outer finisher (LH) first (Figure 11), and then the remaining plastic clips.



16.Torque the seatbelt buckle bolt (Figure 10).

Bolt torque: 49 N•m (5.0 Kg-m, 36 ft-lb.)



17.Reattach harnesses unclipped in step 4.



18.Gently move the passenger seat into its original position.

Align the guide pin on the left rear corner of the seat track (Figure 13) and insert into guide pin hole.



19.Install all four Torx seat track bolts and torque them in the pattern shown in Figure 14.

Bolt torque: 40 N•m (4.1 Kg-m, 30 ft-lb.)


20.Slide the front passenger seat completely forward and completely rearward a few times to confirm it is operating correctly.

21.Return both front seats to their original positions.

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