How to Easily Generate FSC Codes for BMW CIC Units by Yourself

This is by far the easiest and most convenient way to generate an FSC update code for your BMW CIC navigation and I haven’t come across any other method that is easier.

How to Easily Generate FSC Codes for BMW CIC Units by Yourself

Tools required:

-one usb stick.



“” contains the files necessary to pull the 1bfile from your car via USB,

“” contains the FSC generator (a big thanks to user Jaeger and I hope he doesn’t mind me using his generator as my preferred choice for generating fsc codes)

and “” contains different map versions covering the most popular regions (North America, Europe and OZ/New Zealand).


First step: Pull 1b file from your car.

1.Unpack the ZIP file ( to the root of an empty USB stick

2.Power on your car (ignition on is fine, you don’t need to start your car) and wait until the navigation system has started completely

3.Put the USB stick in the USB port in the glove box (do not use the usb port in the middle console).

4.Wait for around 30 seconds

5.Remove the USB stick from the port in the glove box and put it in your (windows) computer

6.Check if the file 1b.hex is present on the USB stick (if not go to step 2 and try another USB stick). The file should be exactly 319 bytes in size and you can check your file by opening it

with a hex editor such as HxD


Second step: Generate your FSC code using FSC generator

1.Unpack the ZIP file ( in Windows (after unpacking wait for a couple of seconds for the generator to automatically download the file Lookup.xml”)

2.Open the FSC generator by clicking on “BMW_CIC_FSC_Generator.exe” and select the 1b file you pulled from your car as described above.

3.Select desired map type, region and version to generate your code.


Last step: Download desired map version and install on USB stick:

1.Unpack the ZIP file ( and click on your desired map version (make sure you have a bit torrent client installed) to download it.

2.Put the downloaded map on an empty USB stick (just make sure it has been formatted using fat32).

Plug the usb stick containing your map in the glove box of your car and switch your ignition on.

After a couple of minutes your nav will prompt you to update your map version. Just enter your generated code and the update will commence automatically.

That’s it, you’re done and good to go!

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