BMW FSC Code Price

When you want to update your BMW navigation or change your bmw navigation maps version,you need to enter a code called “FSC Code”.So many people need to get bmw fsc code to update their navigation maps.And many of them pay a buck to their dealer.Here comes questions:How much do you pay for maps updates/fsc code?


I gather some real bimmer’s reviews form internet below:

Fulcrum: yep £ 60 euro plus the OEM maps at £ 22

Gurpswoo1:I paid €50 for my code, you should be able to get the disc on the forum for 2013 part 1 in the Classified section. No way would I pay Stealer prices, they quoted me £275, something about needing the car and a wireless connection.

Hmpmarketing:Paid $5 0USD and downloaded the DVDs, have the 3 here if anybody ever needs the, (2013 – 2)

W2S:I just updated my nav maps to europe premium map 2013-2 via usb 50 dollars that’s 33 pounds.USB update take about 40 mins you can drive the car around if you stop the maps update will just start up once you start the car again were as the DVD set will take about 3 to 4 hours and youcan’t move the car until the update is finished Stealer sell the DVD for 23 inc vat but getting the USB version is a nightmare and the FSC is 180 inc vat.

Ajerthan:£ 50 from eBay mate. Unless you can sell for cheaper I believe its not worth it.

Jannesky:My BMW-shop offer 6NR code for $ 233, but would not want to encode it because I have retrofitted my Combox.

Some website provide BMW FSC Code CIC & NBT Service,it need $30-$200.There is another way to get fsc code.You can try to buy some tools to get bmw fsc code by yourself.


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