How to Diagnose and Solve Detroit GHG14 Engine Belt Coming Off Problem

This illustration show you procedures to diagnose and solve Detroit Diesel GHG14 engine belt coming off,shredding or misalignment problem.



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Note : The belt will naturally track slightly forward on the pulley.

1.Verify the complaint.

Notice:To avoid injury to hands and fingers from the spring-loaded auto belt tensioner violently snapping back, do not cut the belt to remove it.

Note : Different engine types and different water pump configurations will use different belt part numbers.


2.Check the maintenance records to be sure the belts are not overdue for a maintenance intervaland 93K223(FA-4)” . Do the belts require replacement?

2a Yes; replace both belts. Verify repair.

2b No; Go to step 3.

Diagnose-and-Solve-Detroit-GHG14-Engine-Belt-Coming-Off-Problem-2 Diagnose-and-Solve-Detroit-GHG14-Engine-Belt-Coming-Off-Problem-3


3.Visually inspect the alternator pulley for correct installation. The pulley stud should stick out of nut that secures the pulley in place. Is the pulley installed backwards?

3a Yes; correct the alternator pulley orientation and replace both belts . Verify repair.

3b No; Go to step 4.

Note : Misalignment will not be caused by a faulty belt tensioner.


4.Visually inspect the belts and pulleys for signs of misalignment or damage. The wear pattern should never reach the edge of the idler pulley surface (A). Rotate each pulley by hand checking each pulley for misalignment or damage. Do the belts or pulleys show signs of misalignment or damage?


4a Yes; replace both belts and the damaged pulley. Verify repair.

4b No; Go to step 5.


5.Remove the belts..


6.Check the belt for fluid contamination. Check for leaks from engine or chassis components. Are there any fluids leaking onto the belt?

6a Yes; repair the leaks and replace both belts. Verify repair.

6b No; Go to step 7.


7.Rotate the idler and accessory pulleys by hand while checking for grinding, sticking, and excessive lateral or radial play. Is damage present?

7a Yes; replace damaged pulley and both belts. Verify repair.

7b No; Go to step 8.


8.Visually inspect the belt tensioner for damage. Make sure the belt tensioner is applying constant adequate tension on the belt, and make sure that it does not stick or bind. Is damage present?

8a Yes; replace the belt tensioner and both belts.Verify repair.

8b No; Go to step 9.


9.Is the engine equipped with a strut type belt tensioner?

9a Yes; Go to step 10.

9b No; replace both belts.Verify repair.

Note : Oil leaks from the belt tensioner strut can normally be seen near the bottom of the strut.


10.Inspect the belt tensioner strut. Check for a broken strut mount or oil leaking at the strut (1). Is the strut mount broken or oil leaking at the strut?


10a Yes; replace the belt tensioner and both belts. Verify repair.

10b No; replace both belts.Verify repair.


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