How to Change Oil for Volvo EC18 Electric Machine

This illustration show you guide on how to change oil for Volvo EC18 Electric machine.



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Use the same hydraulic oil that is already in the system. The hydraulic system may be damaged if different brands of hydraulic oil are mixed.

Always handle oils and other environmentally hazardous fluids in an environmentally safe manner.


Risk of burns.

Hot oil can cause severe burns to unprotected skin.

Always wear personal protective gloves, goggles and clothing when handling hot oil.

1.Place the machine in service position.



The drain plug of the hydraulic tank should be unrestricted accessible.

2.Turn off the machine and remove the ignition key.

3.Turn off the battery disconnect switch.

4.Provide a suitable collecting container.

5.Unscrew the drain plug (1) and drain the hydraulic oil into the container.

How to Change Oil for Volvo EC18 Electric Machine (1)

Figure 1
Drain plug

6.Open the hydraulic oil tank cap.

How to Change Oil for Volvo EC18 Electric Machine (2)

Figure 2
Hydraulic oil tank with integrated oil filter


7.Screw in the oil drain plug.


Use new seal!

8.Fill in new hydraulic oil through the hydraulic oil tank.

9.Install the hydraulic oil tank cap.

10.Run the machine for a few minutes while operating all hydraulic functions.

11.Check the hydraulic oil level.


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