How to Calculate Incode for Renault Can Clip Diagnostics

This instruction show you guide simple guide on how to use Renault pin extractor to calculate Incode for Renault Can Clip diagnostics.



Renault CAN Clip Software V200 V198 V195 All Version Free Download

Renault Pin Extractor download here



Here it show you with ISK code,it is byte 18 to 23 for vehcile with pin code has 12 characters.For pin codes to 14 characters to be taken byte 24 more.


Run Renault Pin Extractor,select “Immo Box” type

Here select “MC9S12DG256(Megane 2,Scenic 2)”

And input ISK Code:4E3CAC7C3F76

Then click “ISK TO PIN”,it will show you with Pin Code


Back to Renault Can Clip software to get Outcode


Click “Clip” option,and input Pincode and Outcode you get before

After then click “Calculate” button to calculate

It show you with Incode as below


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