Focus 2011 ECU Program After Replacement

Focus engine located in front of car,so it usually be damaged when accident occur and soaking.Generally speaking,you can not repair it,but replacement.Remember that you need to program new ecu after replacement,else it will work incorrectly.So in this article i will share you experience about how to program new ecu after replacement.

Focus 2011 ECU Program After Replacement-1

There are two ways to program:

  • Find device to program:

You can find several devices to program,include:Ford specialize tool VCM,X300,X100…all of them have function on ecu replacement program.But in some situations,technicians find that it is difficult to achieve.Because of instability of device,problem of vehicle electronic circuit and new ecu model.Each of them will cause programming failure.So we need to find any other way to program it.

  • Load original data in new ecu.

The second way to program new ecu require you have skillful welding techniques.And the chips on original ecu pcb board can work properly.

Focus 2011 ECU Program After Replacement-2

STEP 1:Open the ECU case and find the 95040 8 pin chip.Read the data out,and write data from original 95040 chip to new 95040 chip or you can replace new one with old 95040 chip on new ecu pcb board.

Focus 2011 ECU Program After Replacement-3

STEP 2:Find S29CD015 80 pin chip on new ecu pcb board,and replace it with original S29CD015 80 pin chip.

Focus 2011 ECU Program After Replacement-4

Focus 2011 ECU Program After Replacement-5

Finish!Install this new ecu on your car,it will work properly!

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