VAG EDC15 & EDC16 Immo Off Bypass 2 In 1

VAG EDC15 EDC16 IMMO OFF Software is a program that allow you to disable/enable immobilizer system for EDC15 and EDC16.

After payment you will get download link on the payment page,if you can not get please contact us.

VW EDC 15 16


How to Use VAG EDC15 EDC16 IMMO OFF Software:

Step 1:Use programmer device read out the data file from 24C04 or 95320.

Step 2:Run VAG EDC 15 or EDC16 immo bypass software and select binary read out from 24C04 or 95320.

Step 3:Click “Bypass Immo” button,then it will generate a new file,save it on your PC.

Step 4:Write new file back to 24C04 or 95320 chip.

Step 5:Solder chip on PCB,and install all things back on vehicle to test car.

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