DAF Truck AS-Tronic Lite 6AS1000 Transmission Automation Module Disassembly Guide

This illustration show you guide on how to disassemble DAF truck AS-Troninc Lite 6AS1000 Transmission automation module.


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Cable harness connector allocation 25.010:

E28 Level switch connector

E4 Clutch actuator connector

E2 Transmission cable harness connector

E31 Mount travel sensor connector

E30 Select travel sensor connector

E32 Input speed sensor connector


1 Remove clip 01.534.

2 Unlock and unplug connectors E30, E31, and E32.

3 Remove screw 01.530.

4 Remove shackle 01.520 and toothed washer 01.524.


5 Unlock and unplug connector E28.

6 Remove screw 01.510.

7 Remove clamp 01.500.


8 Remove cable clip 01.670 and 01.690.


9 Unlock and unplug connector E2.


10 Remove screw 01.620.

11 Remove clamp 01.610.


12 Unlock and unplug connector E4.


13 Remove remaining cable clips on cable harness if necessary.

14 Remove the cable harness from the transmission.


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