ISUZU 4HK1 Truck MAF & IAT Sensor Removal and Installation Guide

It is necessary to do removal and installation for MAF & IAT sensor when you perform measure the resistance.So in this post, show you guide on how to remove and install MAF & IAT sensor for ISUZU 4HK1 trucks.



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Preliminary procedures

1) Tilt the cab.

2) Disconnect the battery cable from the battery negative terminal.


  • Do not disconnect the battery cable within 3 minutes after turning OFF the ignition switch.
  • If the battery cable is disconnected within 3 minutes, the TCM may malfunction.


MAF and IAT Sensor Removal

1) Remove the connector from the MAF and IAT sensor.

2) Remove the MAF and IAT sensor from the air duct.



MAF and IAT Sensor Installation

Install the MAF and IAT sensor to the air duct.

Tightening torque: 1.5 N・m { 0.2 kgf・m / 13 lb・in }

Install the connector to the MAF and IAT sensor.

Connect the battery cable to the battery negative terminal.

Lower the cab.


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