Caterpillar Engine Overspeed Program by CAT ET

This instruction show you guide on how to use Caterpillar ET diagnostic software to do overspeed programming for Caterpillar engine.



Caterpillar ET 2022A 2019C 2018A Electronic Technician Software Free Download

CAT ET4 478-0235 Adapter



Connect CAT3 adapter to diagnostic port,then run CAT ET diagnostic software

Select “Service”–>”Monitoring System”


Select “Engine Overspeed”

Change “Trip Point (rmp)” you want,then click “OK”


Now here click “Save to File” button,it will save html format file


After then use Caterpillar factory password calculator to calculate password,detail please refer to:

CAT Factory Password Keygen Download & How to Use

Input the password and then click “OK”

Caterpillar-Engine-Overspeed-Program-by-CAT-ET-4 Caterpillar-Engine-Overspeed-Program-by-CAT-ET-5



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