Caterpillar Engine ECM Clearing Reference Guide

This post show you guide on how to clear ECM for Caterpillar eninge machine.


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Part I – Clearing ECM (TC Only)
1.ECM Clearing will only work on the following two types of ECMs with their corresponding suffix codes
• A4E2V1: JZ, LA, LC
• A4E4V2: JV, JW, JX, JY, LS, JL, JM
• A4E4V3 Suffix Codes: LF, LG, LH, LJ, LK, LL, LM, MC, MD, ME, MF, RA,RB, RC, RD, RE
Please note, that ECM Clearing is not allowed for ECMs programmed with On-Highway Engine software.
2.Ensure that a valid engine serial number is programmed into the ECM. The clearing process will not work without a valid programmed serial number. Navigate to Winflash,Click on Utilities, and choose “Clear ECM Memory”
3.ECM Clearing will only work on Non-Factory installed ECMs. If you are unsure if your ECM is factory installed, click “Yes” and verify in the FPS screen that appears.
Otherwise click “No” to continue with the ECM Clearing. You may also want to record the engine serial number and previously loaded flashfile in case of an issue during clearing.
4.Load the proper ECM Clearing file in Winflash and flash the ECM. Do not interrupt power during the clearing process or the ECM may become corrupted.
5.Return to Cat ET
6.The ECM Clearing Screen in Cat ET will appear. Click “Clear Memory” on the lower left hand side.
7.Click “Yes” to confirm and continue clearing.
8.You will then be prompted for a Factory Password. Follow your standard procedure for obtaining passwords.
9.Click “OK” to confirm that the ECM was cleared.
10.Disconnect from Cat ET. The ECM is now cleared and can be used for another application. A default interlock code of 43690 has been programmed into the ECM. Be sure to mark this ECM in some fashion to alert other users that this is a cleared ECM and will require additional setup.

Part II – Set Up Cleared ECM (TC or Technician)
11.In order to use this ECM for another application, you must reconnect to the ECM with Cat ET. When you reconnect, click the “Winflash” button.
12.Flash the new application software on the ECM in Winflash.
13.Once the flash completes, return to Cat ET.
14.The “Personality Module Mismatch” box appears. Click “Cancel” to continue setting up the ECM for the new application.
15.Navigate to the “Configuration” screen in Cat ET and program the correct “Engine
Serial Number” for the new application.
16.You must then disconnect and then reconnect to the ECM with Cat ET.
17.The “Personality Module Mismatch” box appears again. This time click “OK”.
18.Click “OK” on the next “Personality Module Mismatch” box that appears as well,after verifying the new engine serial number is displayed.
19.You will then be prompted for another Factory Password. Follow your standard procedure for obtaining passwords.
20.Once you have entered the Factory Password the process is complete. The ECM has now been successfully cleared, reflashed, and had the serial number reprogrammed to the appropriate new application.

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