Bobcat 3450 Utility Vehicle Fuel Injector Removal and Installation Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install fuel injector for Bobcat 3450 utility vehicle.


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Diesel fuel or hydraulic fluid under pressure can penetrate skin or eyes, causing serious injury or
death. Fluid leaks under pressure may not be visible. Use a piece of cardboard or wood to find leaks. Do not use your bare hand. Wear safety goggles. If fluid enters skin or eyes, get immediate medical attention from a physician familiar with this injury.


Close any fuel valves in the fuel supply line.
Clean the area around the fuel injection pump and fuel injectors to keep contaminants from entering the engine or fuel system.
Remove the intake manifold / valve cover assembly.

Remove the high-pressure fuel injection lines as an assembly.


Remove nut (Item 1).

Remove the fuel return line (Item 2) and copper washer (Item 3) from the fuel injectors.


NOTE:The fuel injectors used on IDI engines screw into the cylinder head.
Remove the fuel injectors (Item 4).
Remove the injector nozzle gaskets (Item 5) and protector (Item 6) from the cylinder head.

Insert the nozzle gaskets (Item 5) and nozzle protector (Item 6) in the cylinder head.
Install the fuel injector (Item 4) [Figure 50-70-26] in the cylinder head and tighten to specification.
Install new copper washers (Item 3) and high-pressure and return fuel lines (Item 2) Tighten fuel line nuts (Item 1) to 30 – 34 N•m (22 -25 ft-lb) torque.
When tightening the fuel line nuts on the fuel injectors,use one wrench to hold the fuel return line nut and fuel return line from rotating. Use a second wrench to tighten the fuel line nuts Install the intake manifold / valve cover.
Prime the fuel system.
Operate the engine and check for fuel leaks.

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