Why Your Gas Pedal Feels Heavy or Cars Engine Lost Power?

In this instruction, we’ll show you why your car engine lost power if you have a cable control throttle body. Modern cars nowadays equipped with electronic throttle body which means there is no cable controlled like that. This article only for cable control throttle bodies.

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If the cable loose like that


It won’t be able to open the throttle plate fully open.

To fix it, you will need someone to assist you. When the gas pedal pressed all the way down, check the throttle by hand, take out this clip and pull the cable in good position then put clip back.


You can check the difference now. Your engine will gain power after doing that.


Some cars cable controlled like that,you just have to loosen the nuts, move them forward to get rid of the loosen cable.


Another problem with cable control throttle body is when the pedal gets heavy under your foot, because the cable exposed all the time, it pulls dirt inside over time.

We just need to clean it and lightly lubricate it. WD-40 is the best option in this case.

You can remove the cable and raise the cable then use WD-40. This will clean the entire cable, then wipe it and put it back.



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