Reset Benz SBC Fault Code C249F & C2498 “Service Brake Visit workshop” Error

This instruction show you guide on how to solve Mercedes Benz W211,W219,R230 SBC unit trouble code C249F & C2498 for “Service Brake Visit workshop” error.


When you get a warning message about “Service Brake Visit Workshop” error on you instrument cluster and then already the red error show “Reduced Braking power Depress brake pedal fully!”



What you Need?

W211/R230 ABS/SBC Tool (Repair Code C249F) for Ben z Cars Have W211 and R230



Connect the SBC tool to your car obd port


More than 50% is not needed,so click and hold the 50% button several seconds on the SBC tool,then you will hear some beep sound.


Then just wait for process

The process is over and the SBC unit is reset to 50%.

And then start engine,you will find there are no errors.


Recommend checking the carbon brushes on the SBC unit motor after the reset,because if the carbon brushes run out,then the car understands exactly that the SBC unit is new.


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