Magicmotorsport Flex Read & Write EDC16C39 by Bench

Here is a instruction show you guide on how to use Magicmotor sport Flex to read and write EDC16C39 by bench mode.And fore more projects,please it here:Magicmotorsport FLEX projects.



Connect Magicmotorsport FLEX to your PC


Run Magicmotorsport FLEX software on your pc,then search edc19c39


Click “NEXT”


Follow the diagram to build connection,then click “Next”

Magicmotorsport-Flex-Read-Write-EDC16C39-by-Bench-4 Magicmotorsport-Flex-Read-Write-EDC16C39-by-Bench-5

Then click “CONNECT”


Then you can click “FULL BACKUP” on Read option to save a backup on your pc

Magicmotorsport-Flex-Read-Write-EDC16C39-by-Bench-7 Magicmotorsport-Flex-Read-Write-EDC16C39-by-Bench-8

And for writing data back operations are same,just click the option under “Write” and then load the data to write data into.

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