How to Use MUT-III to Do CAN Bus Diagnosis

Because the CAN bus system using digital signal transmission, the method can not be used to treat the general maintenance of traditional automotive electrical, using multimeter to measure the voltage and the resistance to judge, and must use the original factory equipped with fault diagnosis instrument and associated ancillary devices, such as automobile special oscilloscope, the original car circuit diagram and fault code.Through the analysis of the fault code reading, in order to determine the fault location.


This instruction show you guide on how to use MUT-III diagnostic software to do CAN BUS diagnosis.


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When you execute CAN Bus diagnosis, halt the vehicle.

Click How-to-Use-MUT-III-to-Do-CAN-Bus-Diagnosis-1 button after setting the vehicle information on the right of System Select screen.


Equipping System Setup
Put a check mark if the equipment is existence, and click “tick”button.
mark will be displayed, if cursor is moved on a check box and it clicks. (Selection)
mark is eliminated by clicking again. (Selection release)


CAN Bus Diagnosis
Clicking button starts the CAN bus diagnosis process.
The right lower message box shows the details of ECU names displaying on the configuration screen.


The results of the diagnosis are reflected on the configuration screen (Error locations are indicated in red),and the comment is shown on the center lower message box.
— This button is able to zoom out the CAN Bus configuration screen. When a button is clicked again, the CAN Bus configuration screen returns to the original size.
— Displays the CAN BUS DIAGNOSTICS TABLE of Service Manual of SMV version installed in your PC. (Refer to M.U.T.-III Manual for how to use the Service Manual Viewer.) (Not Available in US)


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