How to Upgrade/Retrofit BMW Black Blade Key to Silver Key

This instruction show you guide on how to retrofit BMW black blade key to advanced silver key fob.More about BMW cases please refer to:BMW Trouble Repair.



Buy the silver key buttons

Original key

Small hex screwdriver

Flat screwdriver




Press and hold the side button to remove the mechanical key.


The back plate can be removed by applying force to the top of the back plate, and the buckle can be easily removed.


It is not advisable to use too much force when removing the back panel, otherwise it will damage these two small buckles.


Use small hex screwdriver to remove this screw


Pinch the metal side,and pull down to remove it



This part is stuck tightly and requires a lot of effort. You can use a soft cloth to wrap the flat-blade screwdriver head (to prevent the appearance of fraying the key) and push it out. I used my thumb nail to reach into the gap and pull it out.

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Reverse operation in the order of disassembly just now to complete the replacement of the buttons.


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