How to Update WinKFP Software

This is a post about how to update WinKFP software.And I will write a mini guide firstly,and the deepen the post content later.If you have any WinKFP software update experience,please email ([email protected])to me.We really appreciate your generous help.


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WinKFP Update:

1.Install WinKFP

2.After installation we get some directories:

How to Update WinKFP Software (1)

After installation the directory (Drive letter):\EC-APPS\NFS\SGDAT contains file CABI.h only, and doesn’t contains files, required for working.
3.Mount the Progman disk in virtual drive (or insert in usual DVD-drive), extract all files
SP-daten-Exx.rar from directory (Drive letter):\CIP-Installer\bin, each one in its own
directory. (You must get directories like SP-daten-Exx)

How to Update WinKFP Software (2)

4.Now copy all *.IPO files from every directory (Drive letter):\SP-daten-Exx\sgdat to
directory (Drive letter):\EC-APPS\NFS\SGDAT. For this purpose better use Total
Commander, it allows to overwrite elder files with newest.
This directory now looks like this:

5.In the same way refresh directory (Drive letter):\EDIABAS\Ecu with files taken from
(Drive letter):\SP-daten-Exx\ecu
6.Run WinKFP

7.Choose “Import/Export – Import – Assemly line data” and import all data needed from
directories (Drive letter):\SD-daten-Exx\DATA
Details how to import assembly line data are given in official manual for WinKFP
8.After importing the data, copy all files from directory (Drive letter):\SD-datenE70\DATA\gdaten to directory (Drive letter):\EC-APPS\NFS\DATA\GDATEN, overwriting all existing files.
Note: If you use Progman v.30 for updating WinKFP, it has error in file\GDATEN\Sgidc.as2. Simply open this file with Notepad and delete line 165.
WinKFP is ready for programming

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