How to Turn OFF Engine Light on Any Vehicle

This instruction will show you 3 ways to turn off engine light in 1 minute on Toyota.



The first method is by OBD scanner tool. After reading the code and fixing the problem, you can erase the code and check engine light will turn off.


The second method is disconnect negative battery terminals, then connecting it back again.


It will reset the ECU electronic control unit. The downside of this method, the dash clock will be reset and on some cars the radio channels will be erased as well.


The last method is much easier and it only takes you few seconds without needing any tools. And the radio channels and the dash cam will remain as it is.

Remove the fuse box cover and look for ECU electronic control unit


Or on some cars is ECM electronic control unit


Remove the fuse and put it back


It will reset the ECU and turns off check engine light

After fixing a problem do that, if you had a bad fuel injector or oxidized connection.


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