Chevrolet Cruze Turn Signals Light Not Working

A Customer’s Chevrolet Cruze turn signals light not working.In this article I will share procedure how to fix it.

Car information:

1)Chevrolet Cruze 2010 1.6L
2)Mileage:140 thousands Kilometer

Car Problem: Turn signal light not working

Chevrolet Cruze turn signals light not working-1

Auto trouble analysis:

Firstly,I consult Chevrolet Cruze repair manuals,and find turn signals lights is controled by Body Control Module(BCM) directly.Use OBD2 Code reader get trouble code “B3948”,it mean “turn signal light short circuit to battery positive”. Check the fuse panel box,find 31 position ABS Control unit battery fuses is fused.I take one new fuse to repalce it,but when I turn on the turn signals light,it fused again.There must be short circuit on fuse downstream.

Secondly,I cosult Chevrolet Cruze repair manuals again,and find the picture show 31 position is not exist fuse. ooh…Fuse panel box make a mistake on marking.According to the Electronic Center sign,the fuse take place above is battery fuse.Use multmeter to messure,find there exist short circuit between the fuse and GND.When disconnect the BCM connector X5,the short circuit state disappears,it means this line is no problem.After inserting the connector, disconnect the other connectors on the body control unit one by one and find that the short circuit disappears when the connector X7 is disconnected.Check connector X7 wiring harness,then find the E37F line is worn (picture1) and is in contact with the body.

Chevrolet Cruze turn signals light not working-2
Finally,I fix the E37F line and short circuit disappeared.

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