How to Solve FUSO Xentry ECU Rewriting Error

When you reprogram or change a control unit, you might see below messages after you input
“reference number” and “password”. It could be caused by that not using latest version FD or FD
installation was failed. Please try to re-install FD followed by “FUSO Diagnostics Application Installation Manual”.


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In case you cannot see a control unit’s software or a fuel map parts number which you need to reprogram in certain area.


In case “No valid control unit software was found”


In case you see “No new software was found for the control unit” even your control unit’s software is not the latest.


If you see below message after input “reference number” and “password” while you are doing “Control unit replacement”, “Reprograming” or “Reset of coding”, please refer “Trouble case” below.

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