How to Reset the Transmission Control Module(TCM) in Mercedes(1996-2016)

This instruction will show you guide on how to reset the transmission control module in all Mercedes vehicles from 1996 to 2016. This procedure is going to work on any Mercedes that has the five speed or the seven speed transmissions. The five speed is the seven to two point six and the seven speed is the seven to two point nine transmissions.

Please note this is not going to reset the check engine light there’s any issue with the transmission, it’s not going to remove any actual problems, it just resets the transmission adaptive shift learning.

More information about Mercedes, Please refer to BENZ TROUBLE REPAIR.



Turn the key to the on position two clicks until you see all the lights on the dashboard come on like this


Press gas pedal down, pass kick down switch and hold for 10 seconds.


After 10 seconds, turn the key back off and release gas pedal

Don’t do anything in the car, include open doors, mess with any accessories, play with your phone or read a book etc. Just wait for two full minutes.

This it the procedure to reset the transmission.

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