How To Reset ECU in Less than 1 Minute on Honda Civic

This short instruction will show you two ways to reset ECU in less than 1 minute on Honda Civic, but it should works on other vehicles.


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First method:

Taking off the positive and negative terminals from the battery to reset ECU


Second method (the easiest and fastest method):

If you got a check engine light and you want to check if it goes away by resetting the ECU

Open the hood

Then find the fuse on the fuse box which marked ECU


Remove it


Then put it back.

Now your ECU has been reset and you can check if your check engine light actually is gone.


Both methods work equally well in the end. We prefer second method, because it’s a whole lot faster, and you don’t reset the entire car just ECU. Every data from for example your radio or your alarm if you have it has not been reset.


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