How to Remove and Install ECU/Valve Assemble for Wabco Trailer

This instruction show you guide on how to remove and install ECU/Valve assemble for Wabco Easy-Stop trailer ABS.



Meritor Wabco Toolbox 13+ECAS CAN2 V3.00 Download & Installation

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How to Remove the ECU/Valve Assembly

1.Release all pressure from the air system.

2.Attach labels to identify all air lines.

3.Disconnect the air lines from the ECU/Valve Assembly.

4.Disconnect the power (or power/diagnostic) cable, additional relay valve cable (if used),and all sensor cables from the ECU/Valve Assembly.

5.Remove the ECU/Valve Assembly from its mounting location:

Bracket-mounted: Loosen and remove thetwo mounting bolts and lock nuts that holdthe assembly to the cross member. Remove the assembly.

Nipple-mounted to Air Tank: Unscrew theassembly from the air tank.

If the assembly being replaced is underwarranty, please return it to the trailer OEM for



How to Install the ECU/Valve Assembly

NOTE: The ECU/Valve Assembly is supplied with black protective caps on each sensor connector.

NOTE: When a sensor cable is not plugged into a sensor connector, the black cap must remain on the connector to protect it from dirt and contamination.



You must use a Schedule 80 pipe nipple (3/4-inch NPTF) to nipple mount the ECU/Valve Assembly securely to the air tank to avoid possible serious personal injury and damage to components.



You must use a Schedule 80 hex nipple (3/4-inch NPTF) to mount the ECU/single modulator valve assembly securely to the air tank to avoid possible serious personal injury and damage to the component.

1.Use a 3/4-inch Schedule 80 hex nipple to attach ECU/single modulator valve assembly to a reinforced air tank. Do not overtighten.


NOTE: Meritor WABCO does not recommend use of a vise when installing the hex nipple. Use of a vise may cause overclamping. Overclamping may damage the internal components of the ECU/single modulator valve assembly.


2.Use a 3/4-inch pipe plug to plug unused supply port (Port 1). Apply SAE-standard,DOT-approved Teflon tape or paste-type thread sealant to all pipe threads beyond the first two threads. Pipes with pre-applied thread sealant may also be used.

3.Rotate and tighten the ECU/single modulator valve assembly until the exhaust port faces down and the connection is secure. Use a torque wrench or ratchet with extension at the 3/4-inch pipe plug installed on the front supply port (Port 1).


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