E-sys Launcher Pro & E-sys Launch Premium Free Download

What is E-sys Launcher Pro & Premium?

E-Sys Launcher PRO is an application marketed by TokenMaster.E-Sys Launcher PRO (V1.0.4 as of this writing) is a Next-Generation Universal Token Solution for E-Sys Version 3.22.x and up (except 3.25.x due to bugs with E-Sys). The PRO version is for those who are already using my patchless token solution.For more BMW software,check here:BMW Softwares Download

E-sys Launcher Pro & E-sys Launch Premium Free Download

E-Sys Launcher Pro FEATURES

Increased Default Memory Allocation

Enhanced Overall System Stability

Zero E-Sys Configuration

Personalized and Individualized Token

Absolute Security

No-Touch Post Deployment

Supports Multiple Versions/Side-by-Side Setup

Supports 4 Different Launch Mode


E-Sys Launcher Premium is a free-to-use app that allows you to perform FDL coding.Read, load, save and edit files of FDL coding projects. Configure the memory allocation, improve the overall stability of the system, create and customize soft tokens using the existing patchless tokens. The solution supports four different launch modes.


E-Sys Launcher Premium Main features:
– Increased default memory allocation.
– Enhanced overall System stability.
– Zero E-Sys Configuration.
– Personalized and individualized token.
– Easy-to-use.


Difference Between E-sys Launch Pro and Premium:

Feature Launcher Premium Launcher Pro
Increased Memory Settings
Max and Custom Momory Settings ×
Enhanced System Stabibity
Zero E-sys Configuration
Personalized Token
Supports Patchless Tokens ×
Supports OEM Tokens
Absolute Security
No Touch Post Deployment
Multiple Versison of E-sys ×
Custom E-sys Location ×
Launch Mode ×
Boost Background Tasks ×


E-sys Launcher Pro 2.9.15 Free Download



E-sys Launcher Premium 2.8.2 Free Download:



BMW E-sys 3.33.0/3.32.1/3.30.01 Coding Software Free Download



Launcher PRO Update Log


Launcher PRO 3.4.2 Build 216

– Improved CAFD processing and mapping, 200-300% gain typical

– Suppressed dialog G271

– Minor UI change – unified Launch and Abort button

– Fixed: Application launch failure on some system

– Minor bug fixes

-Fixed: Loading VO causes crash


3.4.0 Build 191

– Added: Support for 3.33.4 64bit Only

– Updated: CAFD Mapping compatibility level: 18-04 i-Step

– Removed: Required root certificate

– Minor bug fixes


3.2.0 Build 144
– Added: Support for 3.33.0 32 and 64bit
– Added: Support for 3.32.2 32 and 64bit
– Updated: CAFD Mapping using 17-11 iStep as base for greatest compatibility with the newest PSdZdata
– Minor bug fixes


3.1.1 Build 133
– Added: Support for 3.32.1 32 and 64bit
– Minor Update: FA and CAFD Mapping
– Minor bug fixes


Launcher PRO 3.1.0 Build 116

– Added: Support for 3.32
– Added: *In-App Activation
– Added: *Dynamic + Static activation
– Minor bug fixes


Launcher PRO 3.0.4 Build 90

– Added: High DPI Fix for Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition
– Updated: CAFD Mapping compatibility level: 17-03 i-Step
– Fixed: Unchecking KIS DB options wasn’t applied
– Fixed: CAFD Mapping verbosity set to basic


Launcher PRO 3.0.2 build 72
– Fixed: Using DE locale shows corrupted characters i.e., About dialog
– Fixed: Using High DPI Fix produces error
– Fixed: In locale where extended characters are mostly used, Launcher PRO may fail to launch application if installed in default folder
– Custom memory maximum value is back to 8GB. NOTE: Only for x64 JRE. For 32-bit JRE, High is the maximum value that can launch app consistently
– Updated and optimized CAFD mapping


2.9.15 Build 333

– Code Cleanup

– QFE Build


Launcher Premium


2.8.1 Build 153

– Extended Token validity



2.8.0 Build 143

– Extended Token validity


2.7.1 Build 135

– Fixed “Unknown Error” when retrieving cheat codes

– Simplified Token generation. PIN is the only required information now.

– Improved Launcher-E-Sys communication


2.7.0 Build 132

– Added configurable Cheat Codes selection

– “Code Default Values” button renamed to “DO NOT USE!!!” (“VERWENDEN SIE KEINE!!!”)

– Windows XP is supported again

– Minor bug fix


2.6.2 Build 124

– Minor bug fix


2.6.1 Build 122

– Minor bug fix


2.6.0 Build 119

– Added support for E-Sys 3.28.x

– Added CAFD Transalation for the following G-Series: G001, G002, G011, G012, G013, G030, G031, G032

– Fixed High DPI/Screen Resolution support for JRE7, JRE8 (E-Sys 3.26, 3.27, 3.28) – Enjoy crisp resolution without down scaling your display

– Fixed issue with HKFM_LS. Older PSdZ library and other ECUs do not need to expand CAF, but HKFM_LS does, and is sensitive to delay. Launcher is now modified to only perform translation when requested from the GUI

– Added color indicator to FDL Cheat Codes (Blue = OK, Orange = partially applied, Red = failure)

– CAF Viewer is forced to use \Data\psdzdata\swe\cafd folder instead of \Data\CAF

– Changed .NET Framework requirement to V4.5.2

– Launcher is now completely hands-off in coding/flashing modules

– Updated Cheat codes



2.5.3 Build 108

– Added support for extended characters in CAFD mapping

– Added support for extended characters in FDL Cheat Codes

– Added support for multiple FDL Cheat Code files

– Enhanced Search capability in FDL-Editor and CAFD Viewer: Option to search from the top


2.5.1 Build 99

– Fixed Cheat Code Filters for E-Sys 3.24 and 3.26


2.5.0 Build 97

– Fixed “High Resolution Fix” option

– Fixed TAL-Editor error on E-Sys 3.24.x

– Enhanced Cheat codes

– Added Series option at the CAFD or code level

– Added Author attribute which can be used as a filter

– Added comment attribute at the function level.

– Enhanced PSdZData mapping algorithm

– PSdZData mapping compatibility is now at V56.5. Some CAFDs are at V57.0



2.4.3 Build 85

– Fixed issue with failure to load with some system when querying available memory due to corrupted .NET Performance Counter Registry

– “High Resolution Fix” is now always enabled

– Massive addition to Cheat codes, courtesy of dmnc02, Otakar and ruben_17non

– Fixed minor UI issue – Review button tooltip (reported by myfxp)


2.4.2 Build 82

– Fixed multi-group parsing of FDLCodes.xml

– Added Cheat Codes Review


2.4.1 Build 80

– Fixed E-Sys 3.26.x compatibility

– Minor Bug fixes


2.4.0 Build 78

– Added High Resolution fix for displays with width greater than 1600 pixels.

– Added “Storage Info” filter to CAF Viewer and FDL Editor (removed by ESG since E-Sys 3.26.x)

– Added Integrated Cheat Codes. Selectable, ready-to-use, cheat codes


2.3.0 Build 75

– Added Smart, Safe caching – Subsequent reading of CAFD/FAFP will be significantly faster

– Added Dynamic Stack Memory Allocation from 512MB to maximum of 2048MB. This is separate from Heap Memory, which is more important to E-Sys

– Changed PSdZData handling. It is now offloaded to a native and managed code tandem providing faster data translation. Typically, 200% faster

– Changed processing of XML data to a more efficient library specifically designed for large XML

– Minimized memory used by smart cache by as much as 90%, giving E-Sys more usable memory



2.2.2 Build 72

– Added support for E-Sys 3.27.1


2.2.1 Build 70

– Fixed error on startup

2.2.0 Build 68

– Added support for E-Sys 3.27

– Added support for FLE in PSdZData

– Added 2 missing functions in FEM found by valley_nomad


2.1.2 Build 63

– Added deeper file validation

– Added launch fallback


2.1.1 Build 60

– Increased timeout when creating comm pipe for slow system.


2.1.0 Build 58

– Added integrated PIN/Token authentication. No more inputing of PIN

– PSdZData compatibility set to V55.1/15_03_502

– Added additional chassis/car series (G-Series, RR..etc.)

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