Benz S350 W221 ABR Control Module Programming by Launch X431

When ABR control module replacing,ABR can not work normally,upgrading ABR,you need to program it.So here i want to show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to program ABR module for Mercedes Benz S350 W211 Chassis.For more projects on Benz,please check here:Mercedes Benz Repair



What You Need?

Launch X431 Pro



1.Before executing this function, keep the vehicle battery not less than 12V and power adequate. When executing the programming , the device need connect the network.

2.During the execution of this function, do not abort by manual. Otherwise it will cause ABR Control unit cannot be used and other serve consequence.

3.Please do not ignore any prompt when coding.


Operation Procedure

1.Select Benz V48.11 above;

2.Select auto-search ;

3.Select ABR control unit;

4.Select control module programming function;

5.Note that the device prompts the control module for the execution of the program


6.After the confirmation condition is satisfied, the corresponding programming configuration file is downloaded from the network, and the network should be kept open


7.After the configuration file is downloaded, the control unit software version information and programming function execution conditions will be displayed


8.The programming operation is to code the control unit. If the action fails, the control unit module cannot be used properly. Click “yes” to start the programming operation


9.The programming interface shows the filename and programming progress that needs to be configured. The programming time may be longer.


10.Hint after encoding has been successful, according to the equipment, some models will be prompted to close the ignition, after waiting for ten seconds to open the ignition switch, X431 device will reset to complete the control unit module,. The online coding has been completed.


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