Launch X431 Airbag Module Programming for Ford Focus 2013

It requires you to reprogram airbag module when you finishing airbag module replacement.So here i will show you guide on how to use Launch X431 to reprogram airbag module for Ford Focus 2013.More about Ford repair please check here:Ford Focus Trouble Repair



What You Need?

Launch X431 V Pro


Test prerequisites and warnings:

The car is equipped with the programmable module and the module is communicating properly. The ignition switch is on. All cables and connectors are correctly connected. Communication fault may occur on the vehicle if the status is not good or the battery is low.



1.Choose Ford V46.20 or a later version.

2.Choose Automatic Search.

3.Choose System Selection.

4.Choose RCM (Airbag System).

5.Choose Special Function.

6.Choose Programming Module Installation. Read the hint carefully, check that conditions are met, and then click OK to perform the function.


7.Before installing the module, clear the DTCs first and configure an auxiliary power supply to keep the decoder power supply connected.


8.Turn the ignition key to ON (position II) and then click OK. The program starts reading old module information.


9.After reading, turn the ignition key to OFF (position I) and then click OK.


10.After the program completes reading old module information, install a new module0.Ensure that all cables and connectors are correctly connected and the decoder power supply is kept connected. After installation, click OK. The program starts writing new programmable module information.


11.Turn the ignition key to ON (position II) and then click OK.


12.Wait for the program running.


13.After program running is complete, turn the ignition key to OFF (position I) and click OK.


14.Turn the ignition key to ON (position II) and then click OK.


15.Wait the program to run for 10s.


16.Turn the ignition key to OFF (position I) and then click OK.


17.After the module is successfully installed, a program running success message is displayed. The new module information has been written. The function is complete and exits.


18.After program running is complete, stop and restart the engine to check whether the instrument cluster MIL is on and whether the replaced or initialized module can operate properly.


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