Autel IM608 All Key Lost Programming for Chevrolet Volt 2015

This instruction show you guide on how to use Autel IM608 to perform all key lost programming for Chevrolet Volt 2015.More repair case for Chevrolet,please refer to Chevrolet Trouble Repair



Build connection between Autel IM608 and Chevrolet Volt.

Enter menu to select “GM”–>”Manual Selection”(Auto SCAN Also Work)


Select “Chevrolet”–>”USA”–>”Volt”–>”2014-2016 Smart Key”

Autel-IM608-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Chevrolet-Volt-2015-2 Autel-IM608-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Chevrolet-Volt-2015-3

Select “Read Immobilizer Password(BCMAUTO)”–>”Password Reading”


Please switch the ignition on,then press “OK” to continue

Then it will read the PIN code:1392


Back to menu “Keyless System(CAN)”–>”All Smart Keys Lost”

Autel-IM608-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Chevrolet-Volt-2015-6 Autel-IM608-All-Key-Lost-Programming-for-Chevrolet-Volt-2015-7

Now please switch hazards on,and press “OK” to continue


Place the smart key to be learned into the slot and take other keys out of the vehicle.The key slot is usually:

1.In the armreset box

2.Under the bottle rack

3.Besides the ash tray

4.In the glove box


Then it will ask you to input the PIN code,read before:1392


Just follow the screen prompt instruction to operate:

Press the Start/Stop button once,press “OK”


The current key is complete the matching.

Do you want to match the next key?

Press “Yes” to do next key programming


Repeat the step


Press the Start/Stop button once,press “OK”

The current key is complete the matching.

Do you want to match the next key?

Press “No”

Please switch the ignition off

Please press and hold START/STOP button for 12 seconds,the it will prompt you release

Now follow to long press the START/STOP button to turn the ignition on until the instrument light illuminates.

Switch the ignition off

Step on the brake,press the START/STOP button to start the engine and wait for 5 seconds

Switch the ignition off


Turn off the engine

Open and close the driver door

Remove the smart key,press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously,and then release both.


Matching complete.



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