Volvo EC250E LRC4 Engine Rotation Crankshaft Speed Sensor Replacement Guide

Here is an instruction show you guide on how to replace engine rotation crankshaft speed sensor for Volvo EC250E LRC4 excavator.


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Total procedure time (hr): 0.60

1.Place the machine in position A according Service positions.

2.Turn Off the battery disconnect switch.

3.Remove the filters and pump room covers.


4.Clean around the crankshaft speed sensor.

Disconnect the speed sensor connector.


5.Remove the crankshaft speed sensor from the engine.


6.Check that the O-ring on the new speed sensor is undamaged and positioned correctly. Lubricate the outside of the O-ring with grease.


O-ring, speed sensor

7.Install the new crankshaft speed sensor.

Tightening torque, refer to Engine, tightening torques


Ensure that the speed sensor is fitted correctly in the flywheel housing.

8.Connect the speed sensor connector.

9.Reinstall the filters and pump room covers.

10.Turn ON the battery disconnect switch and check the sensor’s function.


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