VAG Long Life Service Light Reset by Launch X431

VAG Longlife Service

This service light reset procedure must be used on VAG vehicles that require this type of service.

Why do we have to do Longlife servicing, and what is it?

VAG Long Life Service Light Reset by Launch X431-1

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Longlife Service Regime

VW recommends this service if the vehicle is likely to drive more than 25 miles a day and if it is driven in the following way:

  • Regular long distance driving
  • Driving at a constant speed with minimum vehicle and engine loading, and minimal towing
  • Economical driving


This Longlife regime has been made possible due to the development of new Volkswagen engines with the latest technically advanced Longlife oil. These engines use built-in sensors that continually monitor the oil quality, making it possible to enjoy reliable and confident motoring for up to a maximum of 18,000* miles or 24 months (whichever occurs first).


Time and Distance Service

VW recommend this service if the vehicle is likely to drive less than 10,000* miles in a year, and if it is driven in the following way:

  • Mainly city centre driving, short journeys with frequent cold starts
  • High engine loading activities, e.g. frequent hill climbs, driving the vehicle fully loaded
  • Uneconomical driving using high rpms with heavy acceleration and heavy braking.

*Please note that all mileages are approximate as the service indicator system uses kilometres as the distance measurement.


Special Notes

Vehicles in the European market generally have additional sensors, such as oil temp and oil quality sensors, which are used to calculate more advanced service strategies. Changing a vehicle from the standard Fixed Interval settings to the Flexible Intervals would have undesirable results if the additional sensors are not installed.


Some vehicles do not use service intervals at all. If the Launch equipment reports that adaptation

channels could not be read check the Instrument cluster coding to see if service intervals are even applicable.


Many of the 2010 and newer VW models use the newest protocol Instrument Clusters, which do not support conventional Adaptation Channels. Those models will require the either manual cluster input reset or by choosing “ESI: Resetting ESI” from the Launch menu.


Using the Launch diagnostics, choose the VAG manufacturer and then follow the below service guide


Select (Control Modules)

Then get into (Instrument Cluster)

then (Adaption)


enter channel no: 045 (change value to 2 for long life oil) press ok

enter channel no: 044 (change value to 730 for amount of days till next service)

enter channel no: 043 (change value to 300 for max. mileage to next service)

enter channel no: 042 (change value to 150 for min. mileage to next service)

enter channel no: 041 (change value to 0) time since service

enter channel no: 040 (change value to 0) mileage since service

enter channel no: 002 (change value to 0) service reminder

enter channel no: 053 (change value to 0)

enter channel no: 055 (change value to 0)


Once this followed in the above order, the vehicle will have reset all the required values to the correct parameters for a long life service on any VAG vehicle that uses this type of service reset procedure.

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