Quick Way to Reset Maintenance Service Reminder on Volvo V60

This short article will show you guide on how to reset maintenance service on Volvo V60, and should also apply to Volvos S60,XC60,V70,XC70 and S80 after changing oil& filters inspecting your car. You don’t need to use diagnostic tools or visit garage or car dealer to reset the SRI(Service Reminder Indicator).

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This procedure should work in any volvo car with this kind of instrument cluster.


Putting the key into the ignition and short press the start button


Hold the trip reset button, meanwhile hold the “start stop engine” button, until you see that “i” blinking, then release your fingers.


You will hear a little beep that confirmed that our service reminder is reset.

After check there is no messages in the car, turn off the ignition.

Then press brake and start the engine.

Quick-Way-to-Reset-Maintenance-Service-Reminder-on-Volvo-V60-5We don’t have any messages. Function is ready.


if you want to check more cases about Volvo, please refer to Volvo Trouble Repair.



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