Porsche Carrera 4S Sport Exhaust Trouble

A Porsche Carrera 4S made 2014 MA engine with 15 thousands miles,the owner discribed that no chagning voice of the sport exhaust.And technicians found the valve of rear muffler keep closed,and no chagning voice of the sport exhaust.This article talk about topic of how to solved Porsche Carrera 4S sport exhaust trouble.


Diagnosis of Trouble:

Here comes a structural schematic diagram of Porsche sport exhaust system,show as below:

Porsche Carrera 4S Sport Exhaust Trouble-1

1.Front muffler   2.Connector  3.central exhaust valve adjusted

4.each cylinder equipped a main muffler  5.Dual-outlet exhaust

Only follow the requirement to press one of below buttons in the sport exhaust system your vehicle equipped,can you start or stop switch mode from exhaust valve to Acoustic performance optimization.

1. “Sport” button

2. “Sport Plus” button

3. “Sport exhaust system” button

It is the same as the Porsche Carrera S,we need to follow the requirement to start exhaust valve by diagram of DME unit.In this case,DME control unit sent the CAN signal to gateway,it receives the signal from controller and AC unit by CAN.The gateway sent the signal to next electronics,then it enable the electronic control pneumatic switching valve.


According to the fault syptoms and schematics,we can determine the possible reasons:

1. Solenoid valve of control valve trouble

2. Valve vacuum pipe failure

3. Sport valve trouble


Connect the PIWIS to vehicle and found the trouble code”80730E”

Porsche PIWIS 2 V18.15 V17.500 Free Download

It mean:exhaust valve of rear muffler trouble

And after testing found exhaust voice did not chage.Disconnect the vacuum tube,it did not generate vacuum when opening or closing the switch of exhaust,it implied that solenoid valve of control valve trouble.


Located the right rear solenoid valve,it was damaged.

Porsche Carrera 4S Sport Exhaust Trouble-2

Solution:Replace a new solenoid valve.

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