Perkins 1000 Series Engine Speedi-Sleeve Removal Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to fit and remove Speedi-Sleeve for Perkins 1000 series engine.


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1 Clean the crankshaft palm and remove burrs or rough areas from the palm.

2 Ensure that the sleeve (B1) is clean. Apply a narrow bead of Loctite 518 around the bore of the sleeve 5 mm (0.2 in) from the front face of the flange.

Note: The sleeve must be fitted not more than five minutes after the Loctite has been applied.

3 Ensure that the crankshaft is fully forward. Use a suitable adaptor and a hammer to drive carefully the sleeve onto the crankshaft palm. The sleeve must be fitted with a clearance of 0,4/0,6 mm (0.016/0.024 in) between the rear face of the cylinder block and the front face of the sleeve flange, dimension ‘A’ (B).

4 Ensure that this clearance is equal all around the flange of the sleeve. Do not try to pull the sleeve backwards as damage could occur to the sleeve. A special tool may be available later for sleeve location.

5 Fit a new joint for the oil seal assembly. Lubricate lightly the sleeve and the lip of the oil seals with clean engine oil and fit the assembly.

6 Fit a new joint to the flywheel housing and fit the cover. Fit the flywheel.

7 To remove a sleeve, cut the flange and pull the sleeve apart.

Note: If only the flange is removed, a recommendation of the sleeve manufacturer is to spread the sleeve. To do this use a small hammer and a suitable punch with a round end.

8 Make one or more lines of small distortions across the full width of the sleeve. This should increase the diameter of the sleeve enough to enable its removal.


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