Mitsubishi Diesel Engine D04EG Flywheel Removal Guide

This instruction show you guide on how to remove flywheel for Mitsubishi diesel engine.


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(a) Be careful not to cut your hands with the ring gear when pulling-out the flywheel.
(b) Be careful not to drop or hit the flywheel. Doing so may not only cause damage to the flywheel but also lead to personnel injuries.
(c) The personnel who holds the pulley must pay due attention to safety. Also, personnel must closely communicate with each other during the work.


(1) One personnel must firmly hold the pulley with a wrench to prevent the flywheel from rotating.
(2) Remove one bolt from the flywheel.
(3) Screw a guide bolt into the threaded hole of the bolt that has been removed.
(4) Remove remaining bolts from the flywheel.
(5) Hold the flywheel firmly with both hands, and by moving it back and forth, pull it out straight.
Note: The ring gear is shrink-fitted to the flywheel. Do not remove the ring gear unless it is defective.

Mitsubishi Diesel Engine D04EG Flywheel Removal Guide

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