Linde Truck Doctor 2.01.05 Forklift Truck Diagnostic Free Download

What is Linde Truck Doctor?

Linde Truck Doctor – diagnostic software, electrical wiring diagram, all models Linde Forklift a new version of Linde Truck Doctor, is designed for the diagnosis of Linde trucks.

Linde Doctor Diagnostic program fcontains the necessary diagnostic information, Linde circuit diagrams and hydraulic diagrams for forklifts Linde.

Linde Doctor Diagnostic tool Linde Truck Doctor helps to diagnose existing and potential problems of special equipment Linde, for the procedure to configure a product, and to obtain data for analysis.

Linde Truck Doctor v2.01.005


Linde Truck Doctor Installation Requires:

– O.S.: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
– CPU: Pentium/Athlon 2 GHz or higher
– RAM: 512 MB of system memory
– Hard Drive: 100 MB of available space
– Optical Drive: CD-ROM


Linde Truck Doctor Models Support:
Electric truck (E):
324 E12/14/15/16
334 E10
335 E14/16/18/20
336 E20/25/30
337 E35P-02/40P-02/48P-02
Diesel / LPG truck (V):
350 H12/16/18/20 – 03
Pallet stacker (L):
379 L10/12-L10/12AS
372 L14/16/L14AP/16AP
141 L12L/L12LP
141 L16AS
139 L 12/16 R, L 12/16 S
Pallet Truck:
360 T16/T18/T20/T16L
141 T20AP
141 T20/T30
144 T20S/T20SF
140 T20R
Reach Truck (R):
113 R14/16/16N/20/20N
115(CANBOX) R14/R16/R20, R10C/R12C/R14C, R14G-03/R16G-03/R20G-03
Tractor (P):
141 P30/50
126 P 60Z
127 P 250 / W20


Linde Truck Doctor Free Download:

Linde Truck Doctor v2.01.05 [01.2016] English + Activator (you need test it by yourself)


Linde Truck Doctor 2.01.05 Test Version:

Linde Truck Doctor v2.01.005 100% Work Solution

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