How to Repair Chipped or Cracked Windshield for Any Car at Home

This instruction will show you how to easy DIY windshield repair. If you windshield has a chipped and you do not do this as soon as possible, the chip can turn into a crack overnight!

In this particular car, when I driving down the highway behind a dump truck, a rock came off and hit my car windshield. It’s spider cracked, not like a crack straight up the windshield, so this is repairable.


To repair chipped windshield, we need windshield repair kit like this:





Use a microfibre towel with alcohol to clean chipped windshield.After alcohol gets dry, use glass cleaner, but make sure you don’t spray onto the windshield, also need to put it on the towel first


In order to see the chip better, we put some cardboard behind it. Put some black tape around to help you focus on repairing.

Take a safety pin to clean, just make sure there is no glass left in the chip


Get your seal and peel off one side to stick, make sure there’s a good seal


Peel off the other side, exposing the other sticky side


Take pedestal cover on the seal completely


Put 3 quarters of the resin in here


Push syringe in all the way. Use one hand hold the syringe down, and pull upwards and locks in. This clip up here locks it in and creates a vacuum


Band around the windshield to help the air bubbles escape, but don’t band too hard. The whole point of this vacuum step is to pull any air out of the crack

10 minutes later, there are no air bubbles in the crack (you can see this from back side),


Hold the base of the syringe, and pull it out to let air in, then push the syringe back in, make sure it’s nice and air tight.

Move the clip and push down, lock it in the down position. So that you’re putting pressure on it, this pressure forces resin into the crack.


20 minutes later, pull out the syringe, use a safety razor to help peel it back


Take extra resin you have left put a drop right on the top of the crack (make sure you’re in direct sunlight when you do this)


Take flat yellow square place it on top, take the flat razor edge and press out any bubbles


Let it sit in direct sunlight for 15minutes (if it’s a cloudy day or in the shade it will take an hour)

Pull yellow square off, and take razor straight edge and go across, try to go as parallel to the glass as you can to scrape the resin off but not scrape the glass


Now we’re done






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